Live Active Keto Review: Does This Weight Loss-Energy Formula Click?

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Introduced online by Natural Beauty Slimming, Live Active Keto is a weight loss management product/supplement. The supplier and apparent manufacturer maintains a web store with international shipping. With their about us page stuffed with phrases like fastest growing name, synonymous with quality, it’s hard to judge the originality of their introduction. But product as well as business have maintained quite some foothold through social media.

The product is referred to as an ultra strong supplement that enables maximization of the diet and thus helps control weight. In this review, we will be examining the supplement as per supplement shopping parameters to find out if this is purchase worthy or not.

How are you supposed to use Live Active Keto? Who is it for?

Directions by the official seller instruct intake of 1 -2 capsules with water on empty stomach half an hour before exercising.

Those who want to take it every day without working out should begin with 1 capsule with water half an hour before breakfast. Then, users are slowly supposed to increase dosage by taking another capsule half an hour before lunch also.  So, apparently the instructions suggest that it could be used without an exercise routine nevertheless, a user is supposed to maintain a healthy eating routine.

Men as well as women who workout or follow a diet can use it.

Live Active Keto facts

  • Supplement works for women and men but shouldn’t be taken with prescribed medicine/drug
  • Users are suggested strongly to not take more than recommended
  • Pregnant or nursing mothers and anyone under 18 is recommended not to use it 
  • Consultation is recommended for anyone with certain medical conditions that supplement intake may aggravated or influence 
  • Cool, dry storage is suggested and users should consume formula within 6 months of opening

Ingredients in focus

The official website doesn’t provide the full label information and the quantity as per each ingredient either. So, we decided to look into how the ingredients work and whether or not they are actually safe?

Trimethylxanthine is actually caffeine, the headlining ingredient in most diet pills as it maintains energy. Research studies have shown that caffeine enables improvement in energy levels, alertness, along with mild enhancement of metabolism. While some studies are far from conclusive, there is little evidence available to back up the claims about the ingredient. 

Everybody knows about Green Tea and thankfully, there is enough evidence. It is actually a highly effective ingredient with sufficient amount of catechins (antioxidant). According to studies, catechins as well as caffeine develop energy expenditure through metabolic boost

Vitamin B3, more famous as Niacin, helps produce energy from good we eat and keeps nervous and digestive systems healthy. While a supplement is not completely necessary to get your daily dose of Niacin, it can actually help some people who have problem absorbing and synthesizing nutrition through food. 

Chromium picolinate is essentially known for its usage among diabetes patients but those suffering from diabetes should never use it on their own. It has been shown to balance blood sugar levels and trigger minor weight loss through oral supplementation.

There is clinical evidence that L tyrosine develops the mood, helps in toning down depression and stress. In fact, it is also useful in hypothyroidism and is often sought as a solution to keep weight caused by low thyroid hormone synthesis at bay. Nevertheless, users with thyroid issues must seek proper consultation regarding intake of Live Active Keto or any other supplement if they suffer from any thyroid condition. It has been stated that large doses of the ingredient may be of assistance in case of sleep deprivation but it’s result on weight loss are indirect.

There are no studies supporting Maral Root’s effect on the body but the powder of the root has been largely used traditionally in different countries for enhancement of athletic prowess. Many believe and encourage the use as it helps in keeping muscular weakness and strain at bay. Again, the results depend largely on the quantity of Maral Root which the supplier hasn’t made known.

The famed Bitter Orange Peel/Citrus Aurantium has been shown to develop metabolism when used in a weighed blend with caffeine but the efficiency and safety are arguable given the suppler hasn’t provided details on quantity. 

Guarana (a berry) offers high natural amount of caffeine and is famous as an energy boosting ingredient in energy drinks. 

Niacin has presented as headlining ingredient by the suppler as it

  • Plays significant role in body’s energy yielding metabolism
  • Balanced nervous system and psychological functioning  
  • Keeps mucus membranes intact
  • Develops normal skin
  • Aids in keeping tiredness and fatigue down

Live Active Keto Pitch headlining features: the good and the bad

Here are the good ones:

  • Manufactured in USA
  • HACCP certified
  • 5 star food hygiene rating manufacturer (FSA rating)
  • Gets absorbed fast within 20-30 minutes

Here are the average ones that we are not too sure if they really mean anything at all:

  • Supplier/manufacturer’s strongest ever formula (the supplier doesn’t have a huge fan base or sufficient online business imprint either so it hard to trust the statement of a business that is fairly new and we haven’t examined their other products either)
  • Full of antioxidants (with no quantity information, it is hard to judge)
  • Endorsed by Kerry Katona (people get paid to endorse so this shouldn’t influence at all)

Pros and cons  

A lot of people take manufacturing facility location information for granted but they shouldn’t. When a business is making the promise to have manufactured the product in UK, Australia or US or another country with stricter regulations over supplement production quality, it is good news. So, it’s actually good to know that Live Active Keto is made in UK. As far as the facility is concerned, the business informs it to be HACCP certified. But is that supposed to mean anything to you? Yes, it should. HACCP (hazard analysis & critical control points) by FDA checks everything from procurement of raw material to the safety of finished product. So, it’s relieving to know that this supplement is HACCP certified also holds 5 star food hygiene rating manufacturer (FSA rating).  

Now, finally the million dollar question: does it work? Are there side effects?

No consumer complaints on the business or any of its products including the one in question have been found. The ratings on quality are intact and there haven’t been any instances of negative reports from consumers who actually used the product.  Our query on quantity report is still awaiting response but as of now, it is safe to remark that Live Active Keto does hold a positive reputation and is a fresh wave of change from the usual free trials that intend to scam people through auto-shipping.



Refunds or money back guarantee on opened Live Active Keto  bottlesis not offered but if you happen to change your mind about using it then you can send it back unopened to claim a refund. The no-refund or no-money back guarantee is not exactly encouraging but the return policy on unopened products does somewhat make up for it. To claim the refund, the bottle should be sent back within 10 days of placing order (remember, 10 days start from the day your order is processed and not the day you receive your order) along with original invoice. Exchange for different products from similar supplier can also be made via return. 

Customer service

The company, Natural Beauty Slimming ltd, address is listed as NBS ltd, PO box 1374, Northampton, NN5 9BQ. Customer service can be sought through and 01604 454905 (telephone number). 

Lack of a proper non-virtual address is an enthusiastic sign but the business is established online and has seen no consumer complaints since its inception and with its positive social media base, we are willing to put a little faith in it. 

Is it recommended?

Live Active Keto doesn’t have the telltale signs of a scam but doesn’t seem to be incredibly promising either. Almost every medicine and supplement is sold with the cringe worthy marketing pitch  ”nature’s solution, miracle solution, strongest solution for weight loss,”, etc so we’d rather not bother looking into the absurd marketing claims.Sadly, numerous people are conned of their money every month by these supplement manufacturers who don’t even bother to address a refund complaint. Given the complaint free track record, accuracy of information, social media testimonials and quality certification for the product, we recommend trying it out.

However, if you suffer from any medical condition (diabetes, digestive disorder, blood pressure issues, etc) then it is best to first consult with your physician about supplement usage.

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