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Select Essence Keto introduction

Select Essence Keto: The Texas based sport nutrition products manufacturer is famous for a variety of supplements, health boosters and has recently extended its weight loss range with Select Essence Keto. A metabolism boosting formula, this supplement promises to offer concrete results within 2 weeks and takes only 1-3 months to melt 10-30 lbs. Is that even possible? Find out what our expert team’s opinion is on this new supplement. 

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What is it? What does it promise?

A self proclaimed Non-Stimulant Metabolism Booster for fat burning, Select Essence Keto is a supplement for daily dosage for adults who suffer from metabolism and fat gain complaints. It claims to be different than similar products available online through its simple and effective formula that focuses on enhancing natural ability of the body to burn fat immediately via higher metabolic activity. What a lot of people don’t seem to know about fat gain is that mere starving themselves won’t influence their body’s crackdown on fat. It is the metabolic activity that utilizes the stores and received fat and carbs for energy and thus burns fat so Select Essence Keto promises to work on the basics by enhancing the fundamental function for optimal fat burning. Here are the promises it makes:

  • Triggers a 3.79x Increase in fat burning
  • Reduced waist and hip size by 2.2x 

It further claims that users will be able to see results in 2 Weeks and that the formula is highly Potent as well as Research-Proven.

Ingredients and how to use?

The label informs that users are supposed to take two capsules every day, each one prior to a meal like one before breakfast while another one before lunch or dinner.

The label further lists Sigmaleantm Complex the major ingredient along with Bioperine piper nigrum fruit extract.  The complex contains sphaeanthus indicus extract along with Garcinia Mangostana extract and the complex comprises 400mg of the capsules whil Bioperine’s quantity is 5mg in each capsule.

So, taking the dosage twice everyday meaning taking 900mg of the serving with above listed ingredients.

How does it work?

Sphaeranthus indicus is a famous plant in the Ayurvedic medicine system and has grown quite famous with supplement manufacturers due to its comprehensive health benefits. Scientific evidences has shown that the plant has hypotensive, hypolipidemic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective properties and offers a high range of phytochemical constituents to the body. Highly medicinal in nature, this plant helps the body in kicking away inflammation, energy issues and curbs cravings. It further fights free radical cells and aids in maintaining overall health along with metabolism.

Bioperine improves alertness and absorption of the ingredients within body while Garcinia helps body feeling full, thus keeping intake of unnecessary calories at bay. The latter’s function of citrate lyase and carbs consumption and transformation into fat also aids in slimming body.

Is it safe?

The FAQ section lists that Select Essence Keto is far safer, better and more effective compared to other similar products in the weight loss market. Those who have been duped by fraud products will know that a lot of manufacturers only add a tiny percentage of a specific effective ingredients and then sell it for high cost. Select Essence Keto claims to refrain from this practice and affirms that its 450mg per capsule dosage will positively affect the body and enhance metabolism to trigger beneficial results. It also adds that it is safe for consumption as all ingredients has been clinically proven, have shown positive results through research and the bottles and capsules are manufactured and packaged in GMP facility.

While our team looked for customer testimonials on the product, we found that no complaints were registered against Biotrust as a distributor or manufacturer and against the specific product (Select Essence Keto) either. In fact, numerous of its users from non-affiliated forum websites stated that they had received short term benefits and would recommended short term intake of the supplement.

It doesn’t contain any caffeine or stimulants either.   

How long does it take?

If you intend on losing more than 10 pounds then the FAQ section recommends making a collective purchase of 3 bottles which will get you 60 capsules per bottle. So, you will be munching 180 capsules during a 3 month period to lose anywhere between 10-30 lbs. Since a lot of products offer a mere weight loss of 2-5 pounds in consistent 2-5 months dosage, Select Essence Keto seems to be a promising product.

Has anyone really lost weight with it?

We found sufficient testimonials online (other than the ones from the official seller) who confirmed their results. Our team also inquired regarding the side effects or any such negative results that the users may have faced and we found that none of the users we contacted had undergone any such symptoms. However, some stated that they found the cost to very high compared to other products.

Cost, refund, offers, shipping and guarantee

The official website of manufacture/seller offers free trials for 14 days. Each bottle contains 60 capsules and continued dosage for 2-3 months is claimed to offer a reduction of around 10-30lbs depending on your additional efforts for weight loss. Shipping charge depends on the distance calculated during individual orders and may be high for international purchases due to added import or custom duty.

What’s likable about Select Essence Keto is that Biotrust doesn’t offer or foil any of its customers into getting stuck with an auto-shipping program. So, you just make a onetime purchase, get your bottle and that’s it.

A one year money back guarantee period is offered on the products and the statement by seller that complaints regarding unsatisfactory results on empty bottles will also be taken into consideration for the money back guarantee.


Do we recommend it?

A supplement that promises 365 day long money back guarantee and doesn’t deceive any customers into auto-shipping program is alone worthy of applaud for the transparency. But is that enough to make us buy it? No. However, what’s sufficient for us to recommend purchasing is that it doesn’t influence the body in any harmful manner and instead works on the metabolism to ensure stable weight loss within a shorter period. So, you don’t have to be stuck with dosage for 4-8 months or longer. As soon as you notice the change, you can quit dosage and initiate your weight loss program and keep in shape. Select Essence Keto essentially focuses on enabling the body to trim fat down without the pangs of starvation or caffeine laden fraudulent formulas and doesn’t burn your pockets either. Yes, we recommend the supplement.

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