Strong Keto BHB: Is It Safe & Effective To Slim You?

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Strong Keto BHB: With tens of thousands of weight loss products available in market, choosing the safest and most potential one is a battleground. So, we have analyzed everything about Strong Keto BHB for you to help you make your decision on this fairly new and promising addition.

What is it?

Manufactured by  protein Dynamix, a British Kent based sport nutrition company, Strong Keto BHB is available only through online orders. The manufacturers sell a variety of products and this supplement is sold as part of its thermogenic range. In addition, the manufacturer also runs an online training campaign service called the academy through which expert advice and consultation on weight loss, dieting and other aspects of physical fitness is provided.

Recommended dosage

Users are recommended to take this product as a food supplement and the dosage is 3 capsules a day that should only  be taken on empty stomach in morning.

If you are working out on a specific day then taking one half an hour before exercise routine is also recommended. 

What are the claims?        

Strong Keto BHB is described by the manufactured as a highly potent thermogenic fat loss solution and the claimed benefits are as follows:

  • Thermogenic (is supposed to be made from some of the best weight loss ingredients) 
  • Calorie exhaustion (is supposed to help the body burn fat instead of store it)
  • Pioneering formula (is supposed to contain some groundbreaking ingredients like caffeine, chromium, green tea extract, ALCAR, etc) 
  • Energy enhancement (is supposed to offer a precise combination of vitamins b6, b12, caffeine to control fatigue)
  • Physical activity support (is supposed to aid those on a structured diet and weight loss routine better)

Active Ingredients of Strong Keto BHB

Green tea extract, acetyl-l-Carnitine, alpha lipoic acid, l-Theanine, green coffee bean, caffeine anhydrous, anti caking agent (magnesium Stearate), l-tyrosine, anti caking agent (magnesium Stearate), capsicum, flow agent (silica), chromium picolinate, pyridoxine HCL (vitamin b6), bulking agent (microcrystalline cellulose), black pepper extract (piper nigrum) and vitamin b12.

Let’s explore Strong Keto BHB ingredients a bit:

The ingredient quantities provided are per serving of 3 capsules. On training days consumers are instructed to take two servings, whilst on non-training days, consumers are instructed to take only one serving.

  • Vitamin b6: Label lists usage of 10mg (714{e343e8cc1a45e34e9236236d1bd9dd6b66455e304c9e374a684c841e4506644c} rda*) of vitamin b6 in every serving (3 capsule). Vitamin b6 is essential for body as it allows the body to optimize energy from protein, carbohydrates from meals. 
  • Vitamin b12: 30µg (840{e343e8cc1a45e34e9236236d1bd9dd6b66455e304c9e374a684c841e4506644c} rda*) of vitamin b12 is used in every serving and is largely used by body for receiving energy from means along with maintaining the health of the nervous system.
  • Capsicum (600mg): Capsicum supplies capsaicin, a fat buster, to body  and helps in creating thermogenic weight loss.
  • Chromium: 198µg  (495{e343e8cc1a45e34e9236236d1bd9dd6b66455e304c9e374a684c841e4506644c} rda*) of chromium is provided per serving and chromium is helpful in limiting unhealthy blood sugar levels and reducing insulin levels among diabetics with type 2 diabetes. There have been reports stating that oral and regular dosage of chromium trigger weight loss.
  • Green tea extract: 3789mg (Polyphenols 360mg, EGCG 56mg) of green tea is contained in each serving. Packed with some of most beneficial antioxidants (Catechins), green tea has always been a famous energy enhancer, weight buster, and metabolism booster.
  • Alpha lipoic acid: 300mg of alpha lipoic acid is supplier to the body with each serving which further aids the body in breaking carbohydrates down for formulation of energy.
  • ALCAR (acetyl l-Carnitine): 498mg of ALCAR in each serving has been included and according to reports, the ingredients has some impressive body fat reduction and energy enhancement results. 
  • Caffeine (225mg): The knowledge that caffeine assists in energy levels enhancement is well known  and there has been suitable evidence proving that. In addition, the levels aren’t high enough to cause any damage and nor low enough to trigger no results.
  • L-tyrosine (201mg): Famous as an appetite suppressant, l-tyrosine also functions as a stable alertness booster.
  • Green coffee bean extract (2400mg): A well known and reliable weight loss ingredients that creates thermogenic  reaction within body to curb cortisol, cravings along with enhancement of metabolism.
  • L-Theanine (126mg): This amino acid enhances body’s ability to relax and controls the anxiety led cravings. 
  • Black pepper extract (5mg): Black pepper extract develops body’s ability to absorb the other ingredients and optimize their benefits. 

How does Strong Keto BHB really work?

The inclusion of caffeine in the ingredients may be a matter of concern among many since it isn’t exactly favored for weight loss. However, the amount is fairly decent enough to not cause any short or long term damage so there won’t be any jitters. However, it’s alerting results are made more effective by black pepper extract which enable caffeine’s better mixing with the blood stream.

Theanine curbs the negative aspect of caffeine and aids in relaxing the body while Carnitine limits the body fat. 

Side effects

Excessive dosage can result in headaches or jitters so users are recommended to take only one serving throughout day.  Initial dosage days may see the users’ body trying to adjust to the potent dosage so there may be simple and mild cases of sweating or upset stomach but within a day or two, the matter will be resolved. However, if the symptoms continue, discontinue dosage and see a doctor.

However, there haven’t been any occurrences of such incidents and no reports have been received by the manufacturer either.

Things you should know before you buy it

  • 225mg caffeine in each serving
  • Not for use by children or pregnant/nursing women
  • Excessive dosage strongly advised against
  • Not for use by users with cardiac or blood pressure issues
  • Professional consultation for diabetics recommended prior to dosage

What are customers saying?

Reception from users has been positive as reviews from third party websites affirm to their actual weight loss. Many have stated that they were satisfied with Strong Keto BHB results because earlier they didn’t feel as if their diet and exercise was working but with dosage, they had higher energy.

Some women who chose not to reveal their identity were contacted by our team  regarding the authenticity of their testimonials. Our team found that these women were indeed real users who managed to lose 7-25 pounds with regular dosage and structured exercise routine.

How to buy Strong Keto BHB?

You can make an online order for the bottle. Just click the link below, fill the form and you will get your surprising bottles in just 3 to 4 business days.


What’s the guarantee that it will work?

When talking of weight loss products, the first concern that people have is whether or not it is another fraudulent product or if there is a guarantee. It is absolutely normal to consider looking into guarantees or similar conditions before you purchase any such product as it essentially safeguards your transaction. For Strong Keto BHB the manufacturer offers a 14 day return option for unopened products but nothing substantial for opened ones. However, if any adverse reactions have been felt then you can contact the customer representative for a possible refund. 

Is it recommended?

A huge disadvantage for this product is that there are too many capsules involved. Nobody likes munching capsules all day long but you should take comfort in the fact that you can just take 3 capsules for the day in morning and be done with it.

It functions even better when you are on a diet or a routine that incorporates healthy dieting and working out in your lifestyle. In the latter case, you will need to heighten your intake and take one capsule 30 minutes before training.  Another sad factor that makes us doubt the supplement is its lack of money back guarantee but we haven’t yet come across a case where the users weren’t happy with it.

Strong Keto BHB is fairly unknown but with its positive results, its popularity is sure surging upwards. Even though there is Caffeine in the capsules, it is in a limited quantity whose negative results are suppressed by Theanine. Other ingredients are supported by clinical evidence and there have zero complaints against the products. The women we spoke with reported that they had apprehensions about purchasing the first bottle since it came with zero money back guarantee for opened ones but added that they didn’t feel the need to even consider that after they finished the first one. Some of the users were positive regarding recommending the product further among friends and families while some mentioned that they will continue their own dosage and would sure consider recommending. The manufacturer is reliable, trustworthy with numerous successful supplements to its name and it doesn’t coil customers in the auto-shipping practice either. Given the transparency, reliability, ingredients quality and quality, affordable cost and testimonials, we recommend using Strong Keto BHB to men as well as women. 

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