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Muscle Building

Testmax is not really heard of in the muscle product market but is quickly picking up pace with reviewers claiming it to be the apt amalgamation of NO boosters. Usually marketed to be used with another testosterone enhancing product, this nitric oxide supplement claims that it enhances not only stamina but also builds such circumstances that body grows lean and develops muscle. Let’s look into its claims and find out if men should really go with the promises or not.

What are the claims? How are you supposed to use it?

The recommended dosage is one pill a day that can be taken with meals or prior to working out. Users are recommended to keep drinking stable amount of water throughout the day.

Available through numerous men’s health supplement sellers online, Testmax claims that it enables healthy development of muscle mass within the body and strengthens it to work out for longer. It promises to offer faster absorption of Nitric oxide boosting ingredients compared to other products and states that it functions to control fatigue and boost resistance within body to enable the body to last longer during the exercises.  

Who is not supposed to use it?

Adolescents (under 18) are not supposed to take the supplement. Users dealing with medical issues or treatment or taking prescription medicines shouldn’t use it either.

Users who have undertaken a weight loss routine shouldn’t use it exclusively for weight loss either. The supplement only functions as muscle and stamina enhancer.

Testmax Ingredients

The product is a muscle booster with NO ingredients and contains A-AKG, GKG, OKG, and A-KIC in concentrated amount.


A-AKG has been shown to develop metabolic rate within body and develop nitric oxides on entering. A-AKG enhances the body to breakdown the rest of the compounds and trigger nitric oxide production fast. Thus soon as the body takes in the capsules, the NO reaches the muscle cells and enables the body to feel stronger through the NO that rids muscle cells of ammonia and enhances natural stamina against fatigue. 


A-KIC functions through enhancing the NO production within blood vessels and then supplies extensive amount of NO to the muscle cells. This blood also functions to deliver oxygen to the muscle cells and enhances the body to receive oxygen effectively which further aids in controlling the fatigue that may cause the muscle cells to feel pain. By triggering a muscle pump, it allows the body to feel energized and controls the fatigue to lengthen the workout.       


GKG prompts stable tissue growth within body by reducing glutamine concentration with muscle. It also functions vitally for triggering high protein synthesis which results in the creation of healthy muscle. It also develops strength into the muscle tissue, allowing the body stay lean and strong.


OKG is responsible for initiating an anabolic increase within the muscle tissue by boosting the insulin as well as growth hormones production. With healthier concentration boost in growth hormone product, it also results in the promotion of endurance and energy, further enabling body to control the fatigue and develop muscle through longer physical activity.

How effective is it? What it does and doesn’t do?

With the concentration of Nitric oxide ingredients, it does seem to be an impressive NO product but users should understand that it won’t be helpful in losing fat. It only assists in losing fatigue and triggers the enhancement of muscle production.

Those who are looking to lose fat and get in lean shape should perhaps consider starting with a simple diet and exercise routine and when they have lost majority of excessive weight, using Testmax will enable them to work out for muscle developing workout. The results don’t last all day as the pumps vanish after a while of finishing exercising but during the workout, the NO delivery works feasibly to reduce the fatigue and then the energy gradually wears down, without burdening the body with excruciating pain that otherwise hard routines do.

Where To Buy Testmax

Payments can be made online (safe and certified gateway). Just Click on the link below and fill the form. Product will be delivered between 4-5 business days. Soon as you make the payment, the bottle is shipped that possible takes 3-7 days for domestic shipping and longer for international. The purchase is a onetime purchase and if you are buying from an affiliate or independent seller then you may have to pay extra for the shipping depending on their policy. 

Money back guarantee and refunds

The seller informs that product is guaranteed natural with zero unhealthy, harmful, non-natural ingredients or compounds and all ingredients have been tested for safe consumption. No money back guarantee is offered on the product though.


Testmax poses no side effects, no risk of health issues and no problems regarding quality and safety of ingredients. It has seen positive reception from users even though it is new and it has been gaining quite a fan following online with reputed reviewers giving it a green flag. It is surely the kind of product that is hard to ignore but it’s no refund policy is something that we didn’t find too impressive. It’s always safe to see that a manufacturer is offering a token of confidence but in the case of Testmax, we haven’t heard any complaints against the manufacturer even with no refund policy either. Clearly the product is well favored and users have been stating about their positive experiences for muscle development online. The manufacturer has also provided information on how it works and how long the results last along with the ingredients and this does make it stand out in the NO supplement market.

Yes, we would recommend trying Testmax for a month or less if you want to get something new and strong for better pumps and workouts. But if you have any health concerns, we suggest that you seek professional consultation before using it.

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